Contributing to Simphony

Simphony is still a growing project, and we appreciate the work of all current and aspiring volunteers! This page will describe some of the ways a volunteer can contribute.

Bug Reporting and Feedback

Reporting bugs and giving feedback is one of the most accessible ways to help the project, and more of this kind of help is always welcome. If you ever encounter what you believe to be a bug while using Simphony, or if you identify an error in the documentation on this site, look to the Github issues for how to report.

The issues page can also be used to suggest features that you’d like to see added to Simphony. Submit an issue with the correct tag, and plenty of details on how you envision the feature, and we may be able to implement it.

Maintaining and Developing

If you’d like to work directly in the code of Simphony–and you’ve identified an area in the codebase that needs updates, improvements, or additions–we’d suggest you create a fork with your changes and submit a pull request on Github. The project contributors will review the pull request as soon as possible, and will work with you to get it merged. For a detailed walkthrough of the development process in Simphony, see Maintaining and Developing.


If you’ve identified problems in the documentation here, and you’d prefer write new documentation or tutorials yourself rather than submit an issue, we’ve also provided a walkthrough on how to build and develop the docs, separately from the rest of Simphony development. See Documenting.

Also, spread the word about Simphony! All kinds of publicity are welcome, from social media to blog posts. And finally, thank you for your excitement about the project! We are glad you’ve found Simphony as a helpful tool, and for your eagerness to contribute to the project.